Monday, July 8, 2013

"I'm from Kansas. That's about as American as it gets."

Good morning Change Heroines.  I apologize for being gone so long.  I spent the last 16 days in Kansas and Missouri visiting family and pursuing a dream.

Not much had changed back home.  Most everyone lived in the same place, had the same job, spent their time in the same pursuits.  They (my family) were at peace and living their lives by their calendars.  I was the one who had changed.  I was no longer the same person I had been the last eleven years.  I was unemployed for the first time in 21 years. Actually longer if you don't count a short 3 month stint in between two jobs.  My income had changed.  I could no longer afford to spend the money I once did.  I was the same person...but had changed circumstances.

At first I did struggle with ego and pride.  I did not want to admit that I was challenged financially.  What I discovered though was the more I had to admit to others and myself that I could not do certain things because of the cost (eating out, attending entertainments etc.) the more opportunities I found to dialogue and enjoy the companionship offered in simple, free opportunities.  For example...I window shopped without feeling the desire to purchase and had a great time doing it!  Instead of ZipLining in Branson for the "experience" I put myself out in front of professional directors/choreographers/vocal coaches, and TRIED OUT for a professional musical!!  Talk about feeling like you are jumping off a ledge!  Try that sometime and see if your knees don't knock a bit.  It's better than any roller coaster or zip line...and it is FREE!  I walked among gardens with my mother and little girl Maggie Rose (my yorkie)...FREE.  I viewed art on First Friday in downtown KC - FREE!  I enjoyed a family get together....FREE!  I watched fireworks from the top of a Loft in downtown KC.  FREE!  I challenged myself to play in a competitive duplicate bridge tournament having never played duplicate and having only played bridge once in the last ten years.  FREE!  I listened to one of the best jazz bassist and best jazz pianists ever front and center in the most wonderful retro 40's lounge imaginable....FREE!

What I discovered on my 16 day vacation was that it is true about money - it does not buy happiness.  The lack of finances does not determine who you are or who you serve.  

Life itself is the gift.  Money is a bonus.  Don't let money be the gift.  And don't let money determine who you are or who you serve.

Change heroines - I came back from Kansas lighter, brighter and ready to move forward.  The change of scenery, the love of family and friends and living with a different perspective with finances allowed me to heal and to find my self again.

When you are faced with crippling change....change your scenery, change your habits, challenge yourself and watch how beautifully your wings heal and recover.  Then fly girl...FLY!!!  

 . . . choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . —Joshua 24:15

**Cathy is a professional speaker, writer, worship leader and story teller/dramatist.  You may contact her for speaking engagements at or 217 521 2070.

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